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My favorite foundations (right now)

My favorite foundations (right now)

I have a confession to make.  I learned how to use and apply foundation properly at age 22.

I like to think that I had an exceptional middle and high school experience, despite my late-in-life desire to "learn makeup". I would just wear concealer (stolen from my mom every time) and definitely some mascara, but never foundation.  My friends weren't into it (or at least didn't talk about it), and neither was my mom really, so I didn't experiment with it.  

My years in the sun must have caught up with me, because about 4 years ago, I decided that I should try out a foundation that would help even out my skin tone.  I have always had freckles, but I was noticing some dark spots, uneven pigmentation, and some redness on my chin.  I was tackling these problem areas with concealer, but it just wasn't cutting it.

Since then, I've experimented with powders, full coverage, skin tints, BB, EE, tinted moisturizers - basically the works.  I've found what makes me feel my best, so I wanted to share it with you all. I pretty much only wear light coverage foundation that feels to me more like skincare than paint.  Here are some of my current faves:

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation

All hail Charlotte.  This woman is a goddess.  Just checkout her Amal Clooney Wedding Makeup Tutorial to see what I'm talking about (and get ready for the most enjoyable hour of your life as you enter the black hole that is her YouTube channel).

This foundation is super light, gives just enough coverage to even you out but doesn't look like you've got anything on.  It's definitely dewy, so I always powder with this one.

I like applying this with my fingers, but it also works well with a Beauty Blender.

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

Ugh so basic, I know!  Every morning I grab this out of my makeup bag, I start to hate myself for it.  But then I see how dewy, even, and hydrated my skin looks and I FREAKING LOVE IT!  I already have a backup of this, because I can't do without.  It takes all the redness out of my skin and leaves it looking so natural.  This is the one I put on even if I'm lounging around the house.

I prefer to use my hands with this one.  It goes on like a moisturizer, and never looks streaky.  They have a huge color range to choose from, but honestly, this stuff is like magic, and just ends up blending in with your natural color, so just go for as close as you can get without stressing.


Loreal Magi-Nude Cushion Foundation

I purchased this on a complete whim, just because I was reading about it on every single blog, every single day.  I don't think I have the perfect color match, but in the late summer, when I've got something of a tan, I can make it work.

I LOVE THIS FOUNDATION.  Just a few pounces of this all over with the Beauty Blender gives you a nice even medium coverage, but you can also take a brush and build up where you need it.

This one's definitely "lumi" so I have to powder my T-zone for sure with this one.

So those are my three favorite foundations at the moment- have you tried any of these?  Do you prefer lighter coverage like me?  Let me know below!


My current night time skincare routine

My current night time skincare routine

Hot water with lemon, please.

Hot water with lemon, please.